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MyData is a human-centric approach to personal data management empowering individuals. The core principle is, that we all should be able to decide for ourselves to whom and what data we share. An electronic identity is fundamental to achieve this.

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Vastuu Group is Finland's first MyData operator

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We won European Identity & Cloud Award 2019

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The leading pilot of the Trustnet research project

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A member of the Findy consortium

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Digital Employment


The goal is to solve the challenges in the construction industry regarding the availability and reliability of workforce.

  • Bringing the employment opportunities and the workforce together
  • Bringing employment and learning opportunities to the construction worker in an easy and relevant way
  • Create a unique service solution, that others have not done before

The goal for 2019: Test the concept in practice and use MyData succesfully in one recruitment process.


Logistics meet Built Environment


In the Traficom case, we are testing how a human-centric data model works and how information from authorities, such as driving rights, may be transferred between services based on consent.

The goal is that drivers can enter sites without any extra bureaucracy: driver licence information and special qualifications related, are transferred from Traficom to the drivers personal MyData Wallet and then to partner systems. We are putting an emphasis on demonstrating this real-life use case.


Oriola Medical Research


The challenge faced in medical research is the growing trend of people not wanting to give out their personal ID without strong identification, which increases the risk of not finding enough participants, which decreases the reliability of the research results.

Our solution for consent management enables Oriola to develop operations and build an ecosystem of health information. A more efficient recruitment process will allow a large pool of individuals to be recruited to the research registry. This concept will also significantly reduce the cost associated with managing the surveys, when the participants are managing the processes and responding to surveys on their own devices.

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Real Estate Forum

August 26, 2020 | Helsinki

Future Learning Environment

August 26, 2020 | Helsinki

MyData 2020

September 17-18, 2020 | Berlin

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MyData 2019

September 25-27, 2019 | Helsinki
Tilaajavastuu is partnering with MyData 2019 and you’ll also find us presenting at the event.


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Past events

September 30th - October 1st, 2019 | Helsinki
October 7-9, 2019 | Helsinki

Digital Construction Week

October 16-17, 2019 | Helsinki

MyData Share as a MyData-operator

MyData is a human-centric approach to personal data management empowering individuals with their own personal data. Read the whole MyData declaration here.

Whereas the traditional data protection principles derive from minimizing data, the MyData principles enable human centered, sustainable data-oriented business development. It enables combining different data sources and can free personal data for actual use.

MyData Share as a consent operator connects different systems (public-private, built environment-logistics) and enable data flows with personal data.



Share, trust, and value. We can create a new sustainable way of living, working and doing business by adopting technology in a human-centric, ethical and sustainable way. Our platform consists of generic trust services and capabilities which enable trust to flourish:

  • data platform and a connected data operator network,
  • electronic identity management,
  • consent and MyData operator capabilities and skills,
  • and a connected and open market network for built environment innovations.

These capabilities form the core of our future endeavors and are our tools for creating an impact.



The built environment combines many fields of business, the way towards digital twins requires a holistic multilevel collaboration across verticals. From information flows of construction to real estate innovations and services; from energy to logistics and finance; combined with retail, cleantech and health and wellbeing. Technology enables quite much already but the key is wide collaboration and courage to try new things.

The essence of ecosystem thinking is that no ecosystem actor alone creates user value, but ecosystem actors create it together. And the approach to business and innovation is first and foremost a change of mindset: it cannot be based on single and discrete measures: purpose, trust, transparency, responsibility and choice lead the way. Our model

  1. Creation of value networks
  2. Identify challenges together, a snapshot understanding of impact
  3. Brainstorm solutions together, joint development
  4. Facilitating cooperation, new opportunities
  5. Common mission and vision, leading towards success

Vastuu Group is a Finnish ICT service company developing public-private ecosystems in the Real Estate and Construction sectors. Vastuu Group has been in operation since 2006 with a steady growth in the past few years. Our services are created because there is a need for trustworthy, open and data-driven business development. We want to take our customers on a journey from scattered data sets to a world in the platform-based economy with a sustainable, human-centric foundation.

We are one of the Founding Members of MyData Global.




MyData Declaration



Discussion paper

What is the the MyData operator?




MyData and consent management


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